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For over 25 years Austin Security has been offering commercial, industrial, retail, and residential security solutions to the Edmonton market from our local head office. We also provide our services across Canada, the US, as well as to international locations. That’s over two decades of offering ULC listed monitored security alarm systems, IP megapixel camera systems, access control, outdoor industrial yard security, and intercoms; all with live remote access from your PC, cell phone or mobile device. We also provide ULC-561 fire monitoring.

Austin Security is an expanding western Canadian company with a standout track record. We offer the same industry leading solutions as our larger competitors but have the responsiveness and customer care of a small outfit. Plus, our prices are extremely competitive – up to 30% less than the other guys.

Business Security Systems – Edmonton & Area
Austin Security 780-448-2809
Industry Leading Support & Service 

25+ years

所有激清五月相关内容随便观看We have built a solid reputation for fair pricing, and reliable state-of-art technology systems that are customizable and easy to use, integrate and upgrade.

所有激清五月相关内容随便观看We have also solidified this reputation with second-to-none service by a team of caring, hard-working, and intelligent long term employees. Our experienced staff knows each customer in detail and our clients tell us they sleep better just knowing they are working with Austin Security.

Austin Security – Edmonton Security Camera Experts

Surveillance Camera Systems

所有激清五月相关内容随便观看You can protect against theft, burglary, vandalism and injury liabilities with a web-enabled remote access video surveillance system. From home, the airport, or on vacation, you can check in to make sure your business is secure.

所有激清五月相关内容随便观看Our security camera systems can also aid in monitoring staff activity, keep you updated on projects while you are away, track of the movement of assets, work as a real-time inventory check, create strong protection against liability claims, track incoming and outgoing customer property to ensure against false damage claims, or just maintain a video record of daily activity.

Austin Security has decades of experience installing the latest in leading-edge video technology all across North America, from converting a small existing analog system to a high definition system to installing worldwide networked IP megapixel digital 4k or 8k systems with hundreds of locations, we have scalable solutions at an economical price, and great service from our Edmonton based helpdesk. With your permission, our IT specialists can dial into your password protected device to retrieve recorded images, perform real-time online retraining on system operations (we can take over your mouse if you wish and review system operations), or simply assist during an unnerving time after a break-in and the authorities require images or video clips.

MORE INFORMATION: see our business security camera systems page

A.I. Face Recognition (NEW)

Using your existing video surveillance system, Austin Security’s Nirovision face recognition can be integrated into your camera recorder and you can be notified on your mobile device within seconds of a person of interest entering your site. The Nirovision app is extremely easy to use and the image of a blacklisted (or other) person entering a store, office, bar, condo, etc. is sent to a mobile device within seconds of entry. Security managers can then alert onsite staff of the entry or notify police with an emailed video or still picture. Multiple sites can also be active on one app. 

For MORE INFORMATION, see our AI face cognition system page:

edmonton security systems - ai face recognition



Access Control Systems

所有激清五月相关内容随便观看Card Access keeps track of who goes where, when. This door & gate technology allows you to regain facility security by eliminating the risk of keys being duplicated or retained by previous users. This will also eliminate the high cost of replacing or re-keying locks as well as the purchase of new keys.

Access control, commonly known as a card key system, can also be used to restrict areas during or after working hours. Cleaning staff, temporary workers, and delivery people can have access to your yard or building at only certain preprogrammed hours during the day, week, or even monthly. Delete lost, stolen or old user cards from the system immediately and remotely activate doors or yard gates remotely with phone app.

MORE INFORMATION: see our business access control systems page

Monitored Alarm Systems

The starting point for any security solution is a professionally designed and installed alarm system, monitored by a ULC listed station that can dispatch police or guard services quickly. These systems protect your business against break-ins, robberies, intruders and vandalism.
Our systems can be armed and disarmed from a cell phone or mobile device and provide many other features that can help lower operating costs, including all the latest in remote access to onsite lighting, heating, and other building operations.

MORE INFORMATION: see our business security systems page 

Outdoor Yard Security

Austin Security also addresses what was until recently a difficult security solution to provide; outdoor fenced yard security. We provide a cost-effective, trouble-free way to protect your mobile assets, out-buildings and quonsets, entry gates, fence lines and copper wire from theft and vandalism. As opposed to a camera system which tells you what happened, this technology can prevent the event from happening in the first place.

MORE INFORMATION: see our yard security systems page

ULC-S561 Fire Panel Monitoring

所有激清五月相关内容随便观看Austin Security is a ULC-S561 approved and experienced installer and fire panel monitoring company.

所有激清五月相关内容随便观看CAN/ULC-S561 is a monitoring standard written by the Underwriter’s Laboratories of Canada (ULC), an internationally-recognized standards body. This standard is the point of reference in the Fire Code and Building Code for any building that is required to have its fire alarm or sprinkler system monitored.

MORE INFORMATION: see our fire panel monitoring page

Condo & Apartment & Fenced Gate Intercoms

所有激清五月相关内容随便观看Austin Security supplies condominium and apartment intercoms from four unit sites to hundreds of suites. Intercoms can be standalone or networked back to a property manager’s office for multi-site programming. We also offer intercom systems for industrial yard gates that can activate entry points from the building site or cell phone. All models are also available with video intercom options.

MORE INFORMATION: see our intercom systems page

Business Alarm Systems – Edmonton & Area
Austin Security 780-448-2809
Industry Leading Support & Service 

25+ years

Security system questions we are often asked:

If I phone in with an issue who takes care of it?

When you call our office at (780) 448-2809, simply explain your concern and that person can either find the information you are requesting, make changes to your account, schedule a service call, or direct you to one of our technicians, help desk, IT specialists, your account representative, manager, or even the president of our organization.

What do I do if my alarm siren is going off accidentally?

If you are at the site, enter your code number into the keypad and the siren will stop sounding. Depending on how long it took to enter the code, the monitoring station may call the premises to establish if it is a false alarm. When you answer the phone, give your password or passcode to the monitoring station attendant and the event will be cancelled.

What do I do if my security alarm system goes off and I am not at the site?

The monitoring station will contact you or others on your emergency call list then the authorities, or vise versa, depending on your instructions to us in that regard. Then go to the site and wait for the authorities to arrive if they haven’t already. Once they inspect the site and give the all clear, you may enter and disarm the system. Please note the siren will be programmed to alarm for no longer than five minutes.

What do I do if I can’t find video on my security camera recorder?

Since recorders are usually operated very rarely, sometimes system users forget how to go back to when an incident occurred and email that video clip to authorities or others. Additionally, users can expect to perform this duty after an unsettling incident and this stress can add to further the inability to remember how to operate the system. Just give us a call at (780) 448-2809 and we will step you through the process over the phone or if your system is connected to the internet, you can grant us permission to can dial into the recorder and remotely operate the recorder for you.

Why should I choose Austin Security?

Austin Security has been in business for over 25 years with the same original ownership. We are small enough to give personalized service, but big enough to handle almost any sized project across Canada and beyond. Employee retention is key, with many Austin team members spanning over 10 years of service. Very few companies are able to provide support and service by the same person who originally installed your system.

Is Austin Security competitive?

Austin Security offers the same industry-leading solutions as our larger competitors but has the responsiveness and personalized customer care of a small outfit. Plus, our prices are extremely competitive – up to 30% less than the other guys.

How do I get a quote?

To have a proposal provided by Austin Security, you may request a quote from our website, or call our office at (780) 448-2809. You will be put in contact by an Austin team member to discuss your situation and a no charge appointment will be scheduled. Once on-site more information will be requested about the particulars of your security issues. We will then use our experience & expertise to provide options to protect your people and property. A system design will then be provided for your review and a quote offered and discussed.

Commercial Security Systems – Edmonton & Area
Austin Security 780-448-2809
Industry Leading Support & Service 

25+ years

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